Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music iPod Speaker System

You will always have a lively and dynamic morning with this new Bose SoundDock Series II digital music system. The sleek glossy design of this iPod speaker will definitely catch the attention of all your visitors (if you are going to invite one) and will be requesting you to play their favorite tunes in it.

From its successful predecessor speakers the original SoundDock® and SoundDock® portable, Bose have come up to take another challenge to dominate once again the world of iPod speakers with the use of SoundDock Series II Speaker. The likeable thing about this new speaker is that it inherits all the good qualities of prior SoundDock speakers like the proprietary acoustic design which gives a more definite and high quality audio output, the Bose® digital signal processing circuitry which allows you to have control over the sound it produce for a more relaxing authentic music even at a low volume level.

Another engaging factor the music system has is its infrared remote control which lets you navigate the power switch, adjustment of volume, iPod play list and the track seek. It also has the capability to charge your iPod or iPhone while it is docked on the system and even playing songs. For added features they have included an auxiliary input that permits you to play external audio sources like DVD player and CD player. They have also integrated a volume control buttons just in case the remote control becomes unavailable or not readily available at the moment.

This iPod speaker dock is compatible with all iPhone generations and almost all iPod series. It is also available in two classic colors silver and black. You can buy Bose SoundDock Series II digital music system on Amazon for only $ 299.00.