Digital Music Recorder: A Review of the Olympus WS-321M Digital Voice Recorder

There are a lot of recorders on the market and one of the models that many people are looking for is a digital music recorder which not only record but also plays music. This adds to the functionality of the device and entertainment for the user. The Olympus WS-321M Digital Voice Recorder is one of the most remarkable music recorders that you can find, and the following is a review of the device.


This device is designed to be completely compact, easy to use, and handy. It has the dimensions of 3.7″ x 1.5″ x 0.4″ and a weight of 1.7 ounces. It’s perfectly portable and you can keep it in your front pocket, pants pocket, purse, or bag with ease. It’s also very easy to carry around even by hand. The white body with silver accents and buttons is very clean in appearance, but it can show more damage, stains, and weathering as compared to other darker colored models. However, it can be very appealing and a lot of people like white objects as their personal belongings.

The buttons of the device are minimal – only a few at the front and some at the sides – but each one of them are functional and have an important purpose for easier navigation and operation of the device. The unit is designed to operate solely on a single Triple-A battery which can either be alkaline or rechargeable. Depending on the recording mode, the device can have different lengths of battery life using an alkaline battery.


The LCD display is small but very informative as it shows all the important menus and information that you need to optimally manipulate and navigate the device. It also has a dot matrix display and a backlight which makes viewing the information even under various lighting conditions relatively easy.

Audio and Recording Features

This digital music recorder has a built-in memory of 1 GB and can only save audio files in WMA format. This is an issue for some users who prefer MP3 file formats, but it can always be manually converted using different software. There are six record modes which dictate how long your maximum recording can be based on the memory capacity of the device. The Stereo XQ mode can save up to approximately 17 hours and 40 minutes of recording. The Stereo HQ mode can record up to approximately 35 hours and 25 minutes of audio. The Stereo SP mode can store up to approximately 70 hours and 55 minutes of audio, as well as the HQ mode. The SP mode can save approximately 139 hours and 30 minutes of audio recording. And the LP mode can save approximately 277 hours 35 minutes of recording.

The built in 18mm diameter round dynamic speaker produces a total audio output of 70 mW and the device also has a built-in stereo microphone. But it also has an earphone and microphone jack for additional function and accessibility.

Other Features

Used as a music player, the total internal memory can save up to 250 songs. The device has 5 folders wherein you can save your files, each able to store up to 200 messages. During recording, the LED turns red, and while playback, the LED turns green. The LED also turns green when the device is accessed to a PC using a USB cable. This also allows easier and faster transfer of files. The audio files of the device are completely accessible with Windows Media Player since they are WMA file formats.


This digital music recorder is very functional and it has a lot of features which can be very beneficial to a user. I highly recommend the Olympus WS-321M Digital Voice Recorder for anyone who wants to find an excellent voice recorder that can play great music and perform its basic recording responsibilities in the best and highest quality.