Guidelines On Buying a Digital Music Player

In the digital music age, there are many digital music players available for consumers to choose; in fact too many until one is unable make up his mind when shopping for a Digital Music Player. There are whole bunch of Digital Music Players out there, from the popular Apple iPod, Creative Zen Vision to Samsung Yepp series and some other less known brands. Therefore, the important question is what are you needs? If you don’t have clear criteria in mind, you may end up paying more for the features that you don’t need. There are digital music player which comes with not so relevant features such as big and sharp screen for video, sim card slot (for communication), camera function, games etc and you should seriously think about the need of these features. As a general guide, you may want to consider the following when buying a digital music player.

1. What size for the player?

2. Do you want to play videos and music?

3. What formats do you prefer? There are many variables to consider.

4. What kind of storage capacity do you require? Usually, for the simple purpose of playing MP3 music, the built in memory is more than enough.

5. What type of connector the device use to connect to your PC?

You have got the hardware now. The next important thing is the “software”-the tunes. Where do you get your digital songs from? One way is to rip the songs from your own CD or DVD. Alternatively, you can search the internet for websites to download free songs. At the time of writing this article, I did a search by Google and found out that the sentence “Download Song” get me 78,800,000 returned links! A whopping 79 million websites for you to choose. Having said that, you need to exercise some judgement as to whether it is a genuine website for music downloading. Take your time to check them out as some may be providing song downloading service illegally.