How To Sell Music Online With Digital Music Sales Software

How do you sell music online? Once you have recorded your album, song or other type of audio file (you may be selling story books or motivational speeches) and made them into a type of file that is supported digitally (ie. MP3), the next step is to begin selling them on the internet. One way to generate income through your music, is to begin selling your files digitally on your personal or band website.

How To Sell Music Online On a Personal/Band Website

1. Begin with a website.

If you already have the domain name and website where you want to sell your music from then you are one step ahead of the game, and can skip the next 3 steps. Go all the way to step 5.

2. Choose a domain name.

Most bands and musicians will try to find a domain name that matches their band/artist name exactly. For example, if your name is Johnny Rhythm, then a great domain name would incorporate this into it. Type in Google, ‘domain name search’ and you will be presented with a list of companies. They are all similar in prices and should cost no more than about 10-12$/year for your domain name.

3. Choose a web hosting service.

These will be the people that are in charge of providing you with the ‘space’ for your website. You can find a good web host for about 7-10$/month.

4. Design your website.

Really you have 3 choices here on how to do this.

1. You or a friend may have web design skills, and can get this done for minimal cost. However, be aware that if you are just learning this skill, things may take a bit more time, but you will learn a lot in the process. If you have a friend of a friend doing this, be very clear in your communication so you know exactly what they plan on doing, and how much support they are willing to give you once the initial design is finished. If things seem unclear, sometimes it is better to simply pay the money for a professional.

2. Pay a professional.

3. Skip the web design and just install the digital music vendor software. Music vendor comes with an attractive storefront already which allows you to enter the title of your band name, and all the categories you need. Later on, when you have the finances, you can add more bells and whistles to your site.

5. Purchase and install music vendor software.

For under 50$, you can buy the software needed for a digital music store on your website. Music vendor stores will allow you to upload your songs and albums into categories that you create. Your customers can easily browse your store and listen to samples of your songs before they buy. Once they do decide that they like the way you rock out, they can purchase and download your music instantly.

6. Get the word out!

Just because your store exists on the website does not mean that you will be a famous artist over night. You have to promote your website through word of mouth, posters, concerts, facebook, blogging and so on.