MP3 Tag Editor – How to Organize Your Digital Music Collection Automatically

If you have a large digital music collection that needs to be organized an mp3 tag editor is exactly what you need to remedy the situation. The top of the line programs can automatically fix mp3 tags for you.

Mp3 tag editors have come a long way since it’s inception. At first the best editing software could only handle bulk edits. But these still required a lot of user input. And this was just fine, until music downloads became so popular. Now the average listeners music collection contains thousands of song, and is simply too large to be sorted manually. And if you were to take on this task, it would take forever.

Recently automatic mp3 tag editors have hit the scene and have revolutionized managing and organizing mp3 collections. These editors differ from their predecessors by utilizing new technology that allows for the program to tap into an online database of music from which to compare your song files. When matches are found the correct titles, and important song information is downloaded and embedded in the appropriate ID3 tag. Other than setting your preferences there is virtually no user input, just a couple clicks to get started.

Here is a recap Mp3 Tag Editor Features:

  • Fix Song Details
  • Delete Duplicate Tracks
  • Get Album Art
  • Organize Genres
  • Easy to use & Automatic

I was very fortunate to find a great mp3 tag editor do sort my iTunes library. Not all mp3 taggers are equal, so make sure it has all the features listed above! And with the ability to download most software straight from the internet you could be organizing your music minutes from now.