Pros and Cons of Mixing Digital Music

Hello Everyone,

I have been around the electronica music scene for over a decade, and I have witnessed a complete evolution in the equipment used by deejays throughout the years. I would like to explain some of the different types of equipment, how it has evolved, as well as some of the Pros and Cons of these evolutions.

It was probably back in the mid 1990’s when I first took up a real interest in deejaying and all the different types of music that make up the electronica genre. Back then and for quite a few years to come, the main deejay tools were vinyl records, turntables and a microphone. However, everything started changing very quickly in the early to mid part of this past decade.

The first main transformation I started to see was when deejays switched from records and turntables to mixing CDs using CD Controllers. This was a very significant point on the evolutionary time-line of DJ equipment because it signifies the move from analog to digital music formats. This was the first part of the digital revolution, which opening the flood gates for the ideas and inventions that we have today. There were many Pros to mixing CDs rather than records. The most noticeable would have to be the amount of equipment DJs would have to carry. No more crate after crate of records that needed to be hauled all over the place, searched through, organized, and stocked with new fresh records. With CDs, DJs could carry just one or two cases of CDs. Also with digital, searching and finding tracks became much easier. Within a few years, most DJs made the switch to mixing CDs completely, or they at least incorporated the use of to CD controllers along with turntables.

I soon began to see a new type of DJ equipment that was being called, “DJ Console” or “MP3 Mixer”. With DJ Consoles, you didn’t even need music on a CD. You used these DJ consoles with computers and you could pretty much use any music format you wanted. Now, the amount of DJ equipment that one had to carry could easily be a one man job. This has opened up the doors to so many people that would have never been able to mix music before and that, my friend, is also one of its Cons.

Not all the DJs out there today, have the skills of older DJs that never had “auto pitch-matching” or my favorite “auto mixing” options to utilize. There are a lot of DJs today that have no idea how to really mix records. I give the DJs that have evolved along-side with the equipment the most respect because I know the trip that they have made.

Thank You,
Jacob Liston Black