Renting Digital Music May Be a Better Alternative Then Buying Music

The question is should you purchase your music or rent your digital music. Studies have indicated that the average digital music player has about 1,770 songs. The same survey from a University in England also discovered that half of the songs consisted of illegal downloads. So lets assume that you are a law abiding citizen, setting the average number of legal songs on a digital music player at 850 songs.
Most online sources that sell music charge about .99 cents a song, meaning that 850 songs will set you back $850 dollars. Since you own the music you can listen to them as you please, for as long as you please. Renting digital music ranges from 10 – 14 dollars a month, depending on the service you chose to rent your music from. Subscription based digital music services will allow you to listen to millions of songs, and would most likely include the 850 songs on your digital music player, all for the cost of the subscription. 

A subscription cost of 13 dollars a month would give you almost 5 and a half years of music access before you hit the 850 dollars. Canceling your subscription in 5 and half years would no longer leave you access to the 850 songs on your music player if you opted for a subscription over purchasing the 850 songs. Keep in mind that if you started with 850 songs today, you would most likely purchase a fair number of additional songs over the next 5 and half years.

Based on the 850 song comparison, you would shell out 850 dollars in 5 and a half years. On a strict song ownership perspective purchasing is a better because you would own 850 songs in 5 and a half years. Since most people will average 2 song purchases a week totaling 8 dollars a month, you would only be spending a couple of bucks more a month to keep your subscription going. A subscription is by far the better option. A subscription will give you the option to listen to millions of songs whenever you choose, including new songs being released every week.