Using an ID3 Tag Editor For Organizing Your Digital Music Collection

Organizing Your Digital Music Collection with an ID3 Tag Editor

Many of us took very good care of our music collections when they came in the form of vinyl records and later compact discs. We kept them painstakingly organized and displayed in our homes. On the other hand, our digital music collections are rarely as well organized as our physical collections once were. Many music enthusiasts began their foray into the world of digital music in the early days of the mp3 format. Their collection developed from “ripped” copies of their CD collection and later online purchases of newer music. Now you may find that locating a song on your mp3 player is a confusing and sometimes futile quest. How can you get your electronic music collection back in order? You can quickly and efficiently organize your music with an ID3 tag editor!

Organizing mp3 collections is all based on ID3 tags. This is a universal format for storing the artist name, album name and other important bits of information about your music that your mp3 player or computer program like iTunes reads to organize your music. Since older mp3s may not have ID3 tags and some sources of music may misuse the tags, the disorganization of your collection usually stems from these tags being either blank or filled with default information. This is what leads to collections filled with entries like “Track 01 by Unknown Artist” that make it hard to find what you are looking for.

You can modify these tags manually using most mp3 playing programs. Programs like iTunes make it easy to do mass edits to correct artist names, album titles, genres, and even artwork. You can easily click through songs and change their names individually within the iTunes main list as well. You can even assign album art simply by pasting a new image in from another program. These changes will carry over to your mp3 device the next time you synch it up, making it easier to find the music you want quickly. But for a much quicker and efficient “clean up” I suggest using an ID3 tag editor.

However, you may have such a large collection that this could take countless hours to accurately fill out the information for each song. This is where ID3 tag editor programs can help. These programs attach to large online databases that can identify your mp3s and assign the proper titles to them. They also help you identify duplicate versions of songs that may have crept into your system.

Just because your music collection has become digitized does not mean it needs to be disorganized! By following these simple suggestions, you can get your mp3 collection back in order and keep the music you love playing non-stop.