Using USB External Hard Drives For Digital Music Storage

 Ten years ago buying a CD was a normal thing for a music fan, now it seems like a thing of the past. With the introduction of digital music, buying an album is as simple as going to a website, paying for it and downloading it. Your computer becomes like a digital jukebox, storing all your songs and albums. The problem hard core music fans are finding is that the more songs you download, the slower your computer gets. It’s obvious that more files on your computers hard drive means less performance, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Using USB external hard drives for digital music storage is totally the way to go.

There are a lot of companies that are making external hard drives and they are becoming quite a bit more affordable. Companies like Western Digital and Lacie have made names for themselves developing top notch hard drives. With their success, other companies, like Toshiba, are now seeing the market and jumping in. With 1TB becoming the norm for externals, it’s no wonder people are putting all their music files on them. 

Not only are they becoming more affordable but they’re also becoming quite a bit smaller. Gone are the days of clunky 500MB storage boxes. Now you can get 1TB USB external hard drives the size of a paperback novel, and they weigh less than 3 pounds. It is convenient to take all your music with you wherever you go. You can plug it into any computer, providing it’s not ancient, and they require no software. Now you can take your digital jukebox with you wherever you go.

Using external hard drives for digital music storage is a really simple way to free up space on your computers hard drive. It’s super cheap storage space and the convenience is second to none. Plus the added luxury of transportability makes these things a must have.